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Giving Gratitude to Ourselves on Mother's Day

At the end of my yoga practice the other day, while I was lying still and serene on my mat, instructor Stacy McCarthy said something to the class that resonated with me: “Thank you for getting yourselves here and taking care of yourselves.” Stacy’s words led me to think: We should give gratitude not only to the blessings we have in our lives, but to ourselves as well. Gratitude = Peace = Happiness = Love Happiness and love are the two states of mind, the two states of being, for which we all strive. There are different ways to achieve happiness and love. Why not start by acknowledging yourself, by giving yourself gratitude and by setting a healthy example for...

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Spring Forward: Treat Yourself to Ekatala!

Hooray … it is Spring! And it is the absolute perfect time for you to do your own personal-care spring cleaning! Go into your bathroom, rummage through your medicine cabinet, sift through your vanity drawers and unclutter your shower shelves. Pull out the hair-, bath- and body-care products you use every day. Then, dig through your purse, your yoga and your workout bags, and find the rest. Now, count them all up. I bet you never realized that you likely apply well over a dozen hair-, bath- and body-care products each day. Thousands of cosmetic products sold in the United States contain ingredients that are banned in Japan, Canada and Europe. Why all of these chemicals in personal-care products? Because...

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Yoga: An Inside Job

It is not about how flexible you are, or how advanced your asanas, your postures, are. The real work comes from deep inside, guided by breath. That is where you will find your profound self, where you will find peace in acceptance. Yoga is the union between effort and surrender. Personally, I am not a proficient enough yogi to reach this state every time I go to my mat. That is okay. To some, I am considered an advanced yoga practitioner because of the postures I am able to do. It is all about where you are starting from, about letting go of self-criticism and judgment. Yoga inspires me, teachers guide me. Ultimately, the practice is the teacher. Tim Miller...

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