Spring Forward: Treat Yourself to Ekatala!

Hooray … it is Spring!

And it is the absolute perfect time for you to do your own personal-care spring cleaning!

Go into your bathroom, rummage through your medicine cabinet, sift through your vanity drawers and unclutter your shower shelves. Pull out the hair-, bath- and body-care products you use every day. Then, dig through your purse, your yoga and your workout bags, and find the rest.

Now, count them all up. I bet you never realized that you likely apply well over a dozen hair-, bath- and body-care products each day.

Thousands of cosmetic products sold in the United States contain ingredients that are banned in Japan, Canada and Europe. Why all of these chemicals in personal-care products? Because they can be made cheaper. Because they can last for decades. Because they can lather into big, foaming, seemingly-luxurious suds, which make you feel as if you are getting good “results.” Because they can arouse your senses with their perfumes and fragrances.

It is important to remember that what we put onto our bodies is absorbed into our bodies. Think about this. You apply body wash and body lotion all over your body. You apply shampoo and conditioner on your head, but they, too, both run down over your entire body. The chemicals are absorbed through our skin, which is our biggest organ, without the liver to filter them. Quite simply, the chemicals are going straight into our blood stream.

Just do a little research. You can find all sorts of issues associated with the harmful ingredients in our personal-care products – everything from cancer and infertility to weight gain.

The good news: A bright spotlight is finally being shone on this issue. There is a new consciousness and awareness, an awakening of consumers, in regards to hair-, bath- and body-care products. We are realizing the importance of paying attention to the ingredients in personal-care products. We are demanding transparency of the ingredients we are putting on ourselves, our families, our children, and, yes, even our pregnant bellies. It is a movement, much like the organic movement of 10 years ago. This is the next step, or it is just as important.

We are all going back to basics, when it comes to our health. Eat organic. Eat healthy. Eat real. The same goes for our bodies.

Now, move that awareness, that way of thinking, from your health to your personal-care products and find those that perform for you and are right for you. Treat your hair and your bodies to organic, natural and raw. Treat your hair and your bodies to health and nourishment. Treat your hair and your bodies to real, authentic, personal-care products.

Treat yourself to Ekatala!

XO Kahle

P.S. Do not be overwhelmed. Just think of making that change slowly, one personal-care product choice at a time. If you can replace just some of those products with those that have only natural, organic, raw and 100-percent, chemical-free ingredients, it will help dilute the overall toxins in your body.