Discover Ekatala, a 100% natural, organic, high-performance beauty collection developed by Kahle Daluiso. As a master hair stylist, Kahle is passionate about cultivating individual beauty. As a devoted yoga practitioner, she is commited to enhancing well-being and nurturing inner peace in today's hectic world. Ekatala, the Sanskrit word for "harmony," embodies the delicate balance between beauty and being.

Kahle Daluiso – Wife, Mother, Master Hairstylist, Devoted Yogi and Founder of Ekatala

Kahle Daluiso has a wealth of knowledge and experience in every aspect of hair design, including extensive education, teaching and mentoring. She lives in San Diego, California, with her family, and she works at Lux Beauty Bar by Michel Benaroch in Rancho Santa Fe. For more than 15 years, she also has practiced yoga, and she credits it with bringing balance, clarity and awareness to her busy life, as well as inspiring her to become more in touch with herself, and her body, and her family’s health, nutrition and well-being. She and her husband encourage a fresh, organic diet for their three active children and the positive impact of a healthy diet and lifestyle have been just as revelatory to Kahle as yoga has been.

 - What inspired you to create Ekatala?

Four years ago, I began researching fly-away gels for my clients. I had grown concerned about hairstylists using so much hairspray as a finishing tool to target those several unruly hairs almost everybody fights. I knew that there was nothing good about aerosol sprays. I envisioned the ultimate product: a natural, fly-away gel with a mascara wand that you could throw into your purse. I wanted it to be organic and high-performing. So, I started to make phone calls to manufacturers, and I kept hitting walls. I kept asking, “Can’t I have an organic product without all of the chemicals?” The manufacturers always responded, “No, because it won’t perform the way you want it to.” And, in my mind, that just was not good enough.

 - Why did you refuse to take “no” for an answer?

A lot of the ingredients in beauty products contain proven carcinogens. The average woman puts on between 10 and 20 beauty products in a day. What you put onto your body can be absorbed into your body. If you can replace some of those products with those that have only healthy ingredients, it will help dilute the overall toxins in your body.

 - How far did your quest for organic beauty care take you?

I started by analyzing labels on all hair- and body-care products. The labels would promote the products as being “sulfate free,” but time after time, I would read to the bottom of the ingredients and find a sulfate product. I would call manufacturers and say, “But you are promoting your product as sulfate-free. So, why is that sulfate product there?” They all would reply, “Because it is the lesser of the evils.” Then, I began buying up every organic hair- and body-care product I could find. But I just could not find one that worked. And I never could find one that drew me to it. Not a scent. Not even a brand. And that inspired me to create Ekatala, which has been four years in development. Ekatala has been a monumental, transformative, personal journey.

 - What is the sensibility of Ekatala?

Ekatala is natural, organic beauty care formulated from the awareness that anything applied onto our bodies can be absorbed into our bodies. My goal with Ekatala is to create products that are pure and natural, healthy and high-performing, without compromising. If the products have the word Ekatala on them, you can count on them being true and sincere. Ekatala is beauty inside and out. It is also keeping in mind what is going down your drains. It is everything.

 - How did you choose the name Ekatala?

Being an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, who has completed an extensive teacher training program with world-renown teacher Tim Miller, and consistently trains with him at his Ashtanga Yoga Center in Carlsbad, Calif., I have been exposed to the ancient language Sanskrit, at the heart of yoga for 5,000 years. I have heard my teachers using Sanskrit words for poses and concepts. The word shakti, meaning power and empowerment, really hit a nerve with me. Shakti is the concept, or the personification, of divine feminine creative power, which, I believe, resides in everybody. I felt compelled to find the perfect Sanskrit word that reflected the integrity, values and ethics embodied in my beauty collection. I spent hours researching Sanskrit words and consulting with Sanskrit scholars. I chose Ekatala, the Sanskrit word for harmony, because it resonated with my heart. I trademarked it, and I added the tagline “beauty in harmony.”

 - What does the Ekatala icon represent?

The Ekatala icon is a strong, powerful, healthy and naturally beautiful woman. I love the feeling that she projects, that she radiates. I embrace that feeling, her inner energy, strength, balance and harmony. Ekatala is all about freeing, freeing and liberating the harmony inside and out, which gives each of us this power. With that comes acceptance, freedom, peacefulness. When you are close to your center, it is definitely a powerful thing.

 - What is your advice to people who want to make a change, who want to become more aware of their health and well-being, especially as it relates to their beauty products?

I am not an extremist, so whatever I do to find balance in health and well-being must work in harmony with the life I choose to live. My advice in making changes: Find balance. When it concerns your diet, eat as much healthy, organic, real foods as you can. When it concerns your hair- and skin-care, if you can find healthy products that work for you, use them. You do not have to throw out all of your personal care products. Be very aware. Take your time, read the ingredients – all of them. Be smart. Be reasonable. Find your balance. Make the changes, one choice at a time.