Take a Breath

Take time to take a breath.

Because, physically, I cannot always be practicing yoga at Lake Powell, a gorgeous, serene reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, where my family is all together and it feels a million miles away from responsibilities …

Life can get pretty hectic at times. When my twins (a son and a daughter) were about 2 years old, and into everything, and my oldest son was about 9 years old, and playing multiple sports, I started doing something that I found to be calming, and more importantly, empowering. I taught myself to take a couple of conscious breaths between each activity. These days, I purposely take a deep breath at each and every stoplight.

I find that helps to create little gaps between all of the things I try to cram into my days. It helps me to quiet my mind and to “reset.”

Now that my son is in college and my twins are teenagers, I find that little exercise comes in pretty handy!